Expeditionary Council

guild campfire teambuilding groupsThe Expeditionary Council is a group of volunteers who help steer and organize Camp Carathir! Councilors can choose their level of involvement; we ask at least an hour or two a month for meetings. Councilors can specialize in an area of expertise, may be given opportunities to volunteer or become staff for upcoming sessions, and receive discounted registration for helping build Camp Carathir!

The sort of noble Councilors which we are seeking:

You! – Outgoing adventurer with a fondness for storytelling.
Bards – Writers, Artists, Dungeon Masters; creative minds to help with quests, storylines, and more
Quartermasters – Research and procure equipment, event planning, logistics; data-oriented
Heralds – Manage this website, registration, emails; copywriting, scripting (JS/PHP), and SEO
Village Crier – Social Media/Marketing; twitter posts, perhaps create a FB page for us;
Townsfolk – We are planning to film a video in Oregon, and could use local help with video production and extras!

Currently the EC is meeting irregularly. We would like to start scheduled web meetings on a fixed basis, monthly ideally. Fill out this quick form below to be considered for the Expeditionary Council!