Food & Drink

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All of our food is made in-camp by a professional chef, his assistants, and you! Most meals are cooked over open wood stoves outdoors. Unique meals such as rabbit, fish, venison, and mutton will be available, and fresh fruits and vegetables are from our gardens and local vendors. Our Tavern is fully-stocked and open all day and into the night for light food and drink between meals.

At Camp Carathir, our skilled cooks prepare unique menus every day, and you can help cook!


During meals, expect to be entertained by duels, skits, minstrels, competitions, and award ceremonies. Every day we also welcome you and your companions to stand up during a meal to act out a rehearsed scene, sing a silly song you’ve written, or battle a choreographed duel. Our staff is easily entertained, and rewards are given richly to brave role-players who participate.

Breakfast Options

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Most days this is served in our dining lodge, and we offer a full buffet of both common foods (french toast, bacon, eggs, pancakes) and traditional period foods (meat/fish dishes and breads). Special event mornings will have an outdoor feast for breakfast, cooked over open fires.

Lunch Options

– We offer a full indoor buffet of cold meats, cheeses, sandwiches, soups, and other common lunch fare in the dining lodge.
– Event days feature outdoor pavilion/buffet-style feasts, hearty meals cooked over open fires.
– Some campers choose to visit the tavern and spend a few copper pieces for lighter fare, prepared by our barmaid. The Tavern is open between meals and late into the night.
– For adventurers we prepare delicious leather meal-packs, for taking lunches into the wilds or for a quiet picnic in grassy glade.

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Day’s End Feast

Depending on weather, we do all our cooking at the open-air pavilion, providing unique menus every day. We welcome participation in the cooking of these meals, and you will learn how to properly braise a mutton chop, how long to simmer rabbit stew, or what spices to add to the delicious grilled trout. Feasts take place either in the dining Lodge or at long outdoor tables overflowing with merriment.

Special Diets

We are happy to accommodate special dietary and allergy concerns. Our cooks will always offer several vegetarian and vegan options, and can accommodate lactose, gluten, nut/allergy, kosher, and other entree options by specific request. Please be as detailed about your dietary preferences as possible when filling out your registration paperwork, and don’t hesitate to email Camp Logistics with questions. Most custom menu options should not cost extra, please let us know in advance.


Old beer mead barrel keg bungedWe offer dozens of delicious drinks at the camp. We do not serve any commercial soda, cola products or froot drinks. There are hand-crafted carbonated beverages such as Ginger Ale, Cream Soda, and Root Beer available at the tavern however. We also serve milk, cider, tea, coffee, lemonade, sparkling water, and a wide variety of real juices. During adult session we offer alcohol (wine, mead, ale) at the tavern, with some simple common sense rules. While water, tea and some other beverages are always at hand and completely free, in-camp coin currency is required to purchase specialty drinks or concessions outside of scheduled meals.