coinsThis is one of the more exciting aspects of camp, and it goes farthest to create the underlying authenticity and atmosphere at Camp Carathir. Everyone starts camp with a small bag of coins and the exact same clothing and amenities. From this first hour you’ll be participating in the camp economy, whether you know it or not.

What do I start with? (what’s included?)

All that you ‘bring’ to camp is casual clothing to wear to/from, a week’s worth of undergarments, good sturdy shoes (boots and sandals also recommended), and your personal toiletries.

We supply the rest:
– 3 amazing meals a day, water, modern bathroom/shower facilities, laundry, and many other basic services are provided. We choose nicely rated lodges and cabin camps with direct access to lakes and hundreds of miles of forest trails, (all included with your registration fee).
– Two full sets of authentic comfortable hand-stitched and correctly sized clothes, a warm cloak or shawl, a canteen or jug, a dry warm bed with clean linens and soft hand-stitched blanket, a pack or bindle, safety lantern, and some mystery items are all given to everyone upon arrival! We offer secure rooms to store travel luggage.
– You’ll also receive a coin pouch and meager starting fund. All services and items in camp use this currency.

Within minutes of concluding tours and orientation you’ll have access to our vendors, where you can acquire better clothes, luxury items, profession crafting supplies, and begin trading with other campers. Your immersion into the economy starts right away!

Even the poorest could end their week with chests and sacks of riches, from fine clothing to weapons, to gems and crafts.

carathir larp quests roleplaying campMaking Money

  • roleplaying profession blacksmith forge larp rpgProfessions: The most profitable way to earn coin is to learn and practice a profession. If you make a candle, you can sell it to a fellow camper or staff. If you gather eggs from the hens, you can sell them to the cook. Professions are incredibly fun and are the most effective way to get rich! Try to specialize and find a niche market; a seamstress making headscarves; a glassblower making beautiful vials…these specialists can even start their own business in-camp (and join a respective trade guild for extra perks!).
  • Quests: You’ll often receive money as a reward for completing quests.  Some quests only provide physical items as a reward, though these may then be sold secondhand. Robbing a courier or plundering a bandit camp could also bring in quite a haul, often worth the danger to life and limb.
  • Performances: Especially during meals or campfires you’re invited to perform a choreographed duel, a funny skit, tell a story or poem, or play music. A minstrel can also sit by the pavilion and play for passerbys.

    The Magistrate himself is especially fond of music, and keeps a pocketful of coin jingling, ready for his favorite tunes, or so i’ve heard. – Miss Rosie

  • Loan/Auction/Barter/Beg: There’s always going to be campers who can milk the economy itself for what they need. You can loan money to others and charge interest. You can also try to sell items at the daily auction house or trade items with another camper. Camp vendors such as the Quartermaster will buyback unwanted items. Those who know the current market value of an item usually have the upper-hand in bartering. If all of that fails, perhaps you’ll resort to begging or borrowing…though a reputation may come with it!


carathir larp quests roleplaying campSpending Money

There’s always something to spend good coin on. Some useful things you may want to buy:

Nicer clothing, better weapons, snacks between meals, drinks at the tavern, jewelry, a personal drinking goblet, utensils, hats or helmets, shields, arrows, maps, books, instruments, house decorations, trade tools, supplies for your profession, and so much more! As you progress through the week, new items may show up at the Quartermaster. Prices will rise and fall depending on demand and supply.

You can also use money to buy abstract things, such as information, bribes, bodyguard or mercenary assistance, loans, or commissions.

carathir larp quests roleplaying camp


The Quartermaster Quarters, Armory, and Rosie’s Tavern have large inventories and significant buying power. There are also many smaller shops, including possibly your own! Rosie has mostly food and drinks, whereas the Quartermaster is more of a general store, with profession supplies, clothing and other supplies. The Armory sells weapons, armor and survival gear.goblets


All U.S., state, and local laws will apply while at camp (duh!) and we have a zero-tolerance policy in regard to any criminal activity, including theft of camp property or other camper’s in-camp possessions.

That said…By passionate request, there are indeed specially-designed quests of the thieving sort. These are supervised/planned, and target specific staff or camp resources.

Also, while we don’t plan to have firm rules in place…damaging business practices such as monopolies, gambling, pyramid schemes (or subprime credit default swaps!) , will likely result in undesired consequences for parties involved.

“A man who seeks so greatly garb and armament and wealth…at the expense of the weak and poor here? Hmph. Send him to the wilds…he can start his own camp.” -Magistrate Carathir, unusually grumpy one morning after his tea.

carathir larp quests roleplaying campBank

We do have a bank in camp, where you may store your wealth. Coins can get heavy, so you can exchange a pile of lesser coins for a few higher denominations. The great thing about the bank is that money collects interest daily during your stay at Camp Carathir. This encouraging you to not haul pounds of metal around in your pocket, or if you’re saving up for that gold-inlaid harp or battle axe you’ve had your eye on for a couple days.


carathir larp quests roleplaying camp

Useful facts and conversions:

10 Wooden chits= 1 copper slug
2 copper slugs= 1 copper coin
10 copper coins (or 20 slugs)= 1 Silver Ruumil
7 Silver Ruumils= 1 gold piece
7 gold pieces= 1 gold Margil

So that means:

70 copper coins= 1 gold piece
49 silver Ruumils= 1 gold Margil
70 copper coins(or 140 slugs)= 1 gold piece
200 wooden chits=1 Silver Ruumil
9800 Wooden chits= 1 gold Margil (wow!)

Some common prices:

(wc-wood chit, cs-copper slug, cc-copper coin, sR-silver Ruumil, gp-Gold piece, gM-gold Margil)

1wc- Piece of candy
4wc- Small candle
8wc- Arrow shaft
1cs- Large candle
2cs- Vial of elixir or tonic
2cs- Clay drinking cup
3cs- Pint of ale
3cc- Stitched tan pants
4cc- Glass drinking cup
1sR- Ornate colored drinking glass
2sR- Embroidered orange and violet pants
6sR- Hand carved drinking cup
6sR- Leather pants
1gp- Ornate carved drinking goblet
1gp- Crude iron sword
1gp- Bronze and glass lantern
2gp- Iron helm
6gp- Intricate sword
8gp- Leather pants with steel armor sewn into knees, thighs, and ankles
1gM- Gold lantern
2gM- Shield with gold inlay