Camp Carathir is an immersive and all-inclusive medieval outpost themed destination.

Food and Drink; organic, mutton, mead, open-fire, rustic traditional Armor, Clothing, dresses, jewelry and accessories larp roleplaying quests and adventures medieval battles, archery and LARP weapons Crafts and Professions; Music, econ fantasy roleplaying Magic and Alchemy Candlemaking, Glassblowing, and other professions

Camp Carathir’s role-playing experience caters to adults, older teens, and families. Our community is cooperative and self-sustaining, reminiscent of a rustic village. We partner with (or rent) existing ACA+ accredited youth and destination camps/lodges in the US, and offer 3, 7, 10, or 14 day sessions, as well as staff and artisan positions. See Registration for more information on upcoming events.

LARP Event? Living History? Vacation Retreat? Renaissance Faire?  What is it ?!

A little of everything! We pride ourselves on a high level of authenticity, with a good dash of the fantastical and adventurous, creating an experience for all ages. Our brave and fair guests take an active role, becoming unique characters of their own: practicing traditional professions, protecting friends from brigands, or just participating in daily camp life. Days and nights are packed with adventure and activities! Interested in medieval combat? Exploring and learning about nature or magical arts? Hands-on blacksmithing, beekeeping, and glassblowing? Our roleplaying camp is both relaxing and exciting; a vacation retreat away from modern technology.

You’ll enjoy making friends and putting your feet up at Rosie’s Tavern at the end of the day with a sense of accomplishment. We guarantee it!