Gear & Weapons

combat rpg camp gear and equipmentEarn, find, and create amazing artifacts!

Recover an ancient weapon from the forest. Defeat a bandit and take his chestplate. Learn how to use a shield to deflect axe blows…

Actual metal weapons can be carried in camp, and we’ve got a lot to choose from! Durable real metal weaponry is used for all performances, for training, and also as a status symbol. However, only a foam weapon may be drawn against other campers or staff outside of the supervised weapon areas. Our metal weaponry is re-enactment quality, high carbon steel, and often very sharp. Misuse of weapons is not tolerated, and there is a legal agreement you will sign with your Registration packet.

Latex or foam “boffer” LARP weaponry is available for all under-18 age groups, and is also the day-to-day combat weaponry for adults. These are high quality professionally-made boffers, not just whiffle bats with foam on them…but there is still danger of injury, and training is required. We have a strong safety policy, even with foam weapons. LARP Boffers can knock someone over and can bruise even through armor…unless proper precautions are taken. We take safety very seriously.
foam boffer weapon larp roleplaying combat

Gear Ownership: At Camp Carathir, you do not “keep” weapons and gear after camp is over, but whatever you acquire in-camp is yours for the duration of your stay. It is simply not possible for our guests to take home all they acquire in-camp, as we purchase or craft the highest quality and authentic gear, which lasts us many years with care. But wait! There’s plenty of great items that you are able to take home though, including self-crafted items – from blown glass, pottery, clothing accessories, artwork, and more.

Types of Weapons:

Staves (and Polearms, Spears, Halberds)- Staves are striking weapon that can be more dangerous than a sword in the hands of a skilled (or incredibly unskilled) warrior. There are several classes of quarterstaves and shortstaves available in camp. Protect your fingers! Shortstaves resemble canes or walking-sticks, and can be ornately designed (serving ceremonial, combat and utility roles). Quarterstaves are around 6-9 feet long and are for purely combat purposes, and range from lightweight thrusting spears to heavy Oak or Ash pikes that only the strongest can lift. The Polearm and its relatives are as long as a quarterstaff, but as sharp as a sword. These weapons allow you to keep your enemy at a safe distance, perfect against a charging or sword-wielding combatant. We have many different styles, lengths, and weights.

crossbow larp combatBows and Crossbows- We have a very wide selection of bows and crossbows available, but most belong to the camp garrison and archery ranges for trainings or in defense of the camp. There are a handful of bows that you alone can possess for the duration of your stay however, and these rare custom bows belong to the most skilled archers and lucky adventurers to earn, find or buy. Our skilled bowyer can also help craft your very own bow with time and patience!

Swords- The essential melee weapon. We have variants of different styles; single-edged, double-edged, single-handed and double-handed. All swords and other edged weapons must be sheathed when not in-use, we follow strict safety writs. Swords range from prehistoric – to antiquity – to medieval – to the renaissance of high temperature carbonized steel…our blades range from rusty copper relics to gleaming gem-encrusted meteor-blades worthy of legend.

Daggers- Compact and deadly, these knife-like weapons are perfect for close combat, or for their rugged utility and utility in the woods. A variety of daggers will be yours to use during your stay, and will be available for defensive use when training with a supervised by a Weapon Master.

Axes- We have an assortment of single and double edged battleaxes and utility axes of varying sizes. Many adventurers prefer axes over swords due to their functionality…and arguably greater potential for brutality.

Maces- A true warrior’s weapon. It requires great strength to wield a two-handed mace and none can master this weapon in a week. Maces come in different styles, some with flails, chains or spikes, but really just simple eloquent steel hammer should suffice, right? No need to pierce an enemies armor…when you can crush!

Unarmed- You will learn unarmed combat spanning several eras, as well as using improvised weapons (shields, branches, rocks and sand, drool, etc.) We also offer ‘fist weapons’ in the form of spiked gauntlets, metal claws, brass knuckles, and improvised implements. It is only competent and masterful trainees of unarmed combat, who have a chance to even raise the Captain Vingost’s eyebrow.

Throwing- Throwing axes are amazingly accurate and have serious stopping power. Knives, stars, and shot will also do the trick. You will learn to master these deadly implements under the teachings of our Weapon Master. Axe and knife-throwing competitions are very popular at Camp Carathir, and the rewards for victores are excellent!

Weapon Training:

Here is an overview of the weapons and their respective training classes/tiers. These trainings last from 30minutes to 2 hours depending on difficulty and safety requirements. All campers must take a Level 1 class to begin using metal weapons. Receiving a completion mark at level 2 will allow you to carry and possess that specific metal weapon around camp, as your own (you’d still need to buy, craft or otherwise acquire said weapon).

Lower level classes begin the first day of camp and run through the week on a scattered schedule, sometimes repeating. Level 3 classes won’t begin until the second or third day, and some may only offer one single session, or overlap with other trainings or events, so choose desired weapon skill(s) wisely! With over 18 unique weapons by level 3, it would be impossible to acquire every proficiency during your week with us. We simply recommend picking a couple level 3 weapons you’re most interested in mastering, and progressing to maximum rank by your third or fourth day at camp will be no problem.









Level 1-Initiate/Safety

Basic Staff

1 Hand Sword

Basic Bow

Basic Axe

Throwing Axe

Basic Mace


2 Hand Sword

Level  2- Skilled

Short Staff

1 Hand Sword


1 Hand Axe

Throwing Axe

1 Hand Mace



2 Hand Sword

Cross bow

2 Hand Axe

Throwing Knives

2 Hand Mace

Unarmed w/shield

Level 3-Advanced


1 Hand Sword


1 Hand Axe w/shield

Throwing Axe

1 Hand Mace

Advanced Unarmed

Short Staff/ Quarterstaff

2 Hand Sword

Cross bow

2 Hand Axe

Throwing Knives

2 Hand Mace

Fist Weapon


1 Hand and Shield


Throwing Stars/Snares

Dual Wield Mace

Fist Weapon w/shield

Armor, Clothing, and other rewards

Upon your arrival at Camp Carathir you will receive comfortable casual clothes, two full sets actually, including: sized linen pants, a tunic/blouse, leather bootie-covers that go over your normal footware, an outer cloak or shawl, and other modest amenities. We provide laundry services, you can alternately hire someone or hand-wash your clothes with available washboards, or simply ‘purchase’ nicer clothing.

The only things you should bring to camp are normal clothing to wear to/from camp, a good supply undergarments, any personal toiletries, and sturdy shoes and/or hiking boots. That’s it! Camp is otherwise all-inclusive!


There are countless pieces of fine raiment you can acquire here. No two adventurers will look alike (unless they choose to), but you will bear the emblem of your house wherever you go during your time at camp. Cloth is preferred during the days. It’s not flashy or very protective in combat, but it’s perfect when it is hot outside. Myriad colors and styles are available.

medieval-helmet leather armor larpLeather

This is the primary armor available. It ranges from rugged to ornate. Many campers choose to leave their leather armor behind when venturing on a hot day or practicing a skilled profession, but when going into the forest on patrol they equip leather fully. Nightly ceremonies and events are also popular places to show-off the nicest leather armor you’ve acquire.

Mail and Plate

Not only can it be heavy and hot, it often restricts movement. This isn’t the most popular form of armor at role-playing camp. However, during ceremonies, combat, and dangerous quests, its always great to have at least one member of your party with this heaviest of protection.

Helms and Shields

There are a wide variety of metal helms available, many of which are more breathable than leather headgear, and can be comfortably worn anywhere. Shields are also common, and they vary in weight, size, and design. Most adventurers who have 1-handed weapons prefer carrying a shield in their offhand since it affords them protection from attackers and long weapons such as spears.

forged ring cosplay costumeObjects and Accessories

There are many things that you can acquire that are not quite clothing. Quivers, canteens, tools, a wide variety ofjewelry, pouches, instruments, and other such objects can be made by a professional, found during your adventures, or rewarded to you.