Lend us a hand!

We have visitors contacting us each week asking the same question – how can I help?! Your enthusiasm is inspiring, and our volunteers can barely keep up with emails – we’re very excited!

Here’s a few ways you can support us:

Join our email list, to be notified first when camp sessions are scheduled, pre-register. No commitment, hassle or spam.


Join the Expeditionary Council of course!  We need artists, writers, spreadsheet gurus, project managers and minions. These are core volunteers who help make camp happen.


Send us something fun. Have an old outfit or blade just collecting dust or rust? Send it our way! Are you a craftsman, a bowyer, glassblower? Send us a sample and we may buy dozens! While we’re stocked on most essentials, your unique items can really add to the camp experience.
*Please email us at logistics@campcarathir.com first, if sending anything large or questionable.


parchment scribe- larp rpg carathirTell your friends! Help spread the word, have your friends join our mail list, we really appreciate your interest. Handmade promotional items will also available soon.


carathir larp quests roleplaying campMake a donation!
The royal coffers and armory are burgeoning and well-guarded. Any donations from our community helps us acquire better gear and create a richer experience for all!

Why not three harps instead of two? A longtable that seats forty? Half a dozen more crossbows? We work with passionate and independent vendors who help us at every turn. We like supporting them back, and your donation helps us do this! This is not tax deductible, it’s a regular ole gift, to help improve our camp experience. We thank you sincerely and promise to put it to good use.