Our Staff

Hail, and well met!

Our staff makes sure you have a good time. Why? Because we’re are here for the same reasons you are!

Making new friends and enjoying this rustic experience is why we do it. Volunteers, artisans, and our full time logistics staff bring our love for roleplaying into everything we do. Our interactions with you during your stay will be positive and meaningful and Camp Carathir does not discriminate based on sex, age, religion, sexual orientation, race or income. All campers are treated equally and compassionately.

Everyone is given the same opportunities to achieve glory and earn valor!care-sign1

Our Camp The camp you attend is but a small outpost in a wider kingdom. It is a threatened sanctuary amid a wild and dangerous Realm; an enclave where law and order is preserved and a simple life is maintained through valiant deeds, hard work and heartening friendship.



Magistrate Carathir – As the officially appointed governor of the camp, the good Magistrate is an exceptional diplomat and leader. Carathir was granted the charter to form the camp, and the 62 founding members of the expedition voted to name the camp after him due to respect that he has many-times earned. A lapsed member of the Archmage Council, he is wise in both lore and speechcraft. You will certainly meet him…and perhaps draw his interest during your stay. Though not formally trained as a Battlemage, his expertise with fire, visual trickery and slight of hand have built him a reputation as a perilous foe. The Magistrate has a fondness for roaming camp, sometimes in the dead of night, slowly striding amid dim shadows in his long draping robes. He wanders the grounds simply to assure all is peaceful while the Camp sleeps peacefully around him.

Historian Fendral – The leading representative and chief officer of the Royal Expeditionary League. Not only is he a wealth of historical, geological, and other noble knowledge, he is renown throughout the kingdom as one of the most dashing (some say eccentric) old men you’ll ever meet. Fendral devoted much of his youth to the REL, off beyond the borders of maps discovering and cataloging secrets both hidden and ancient. His trailblazing days are long behind him, and he finds enough joy sending young recruits to follow in his footsteps.

Weapons Masters

Commander Turayon – Camp Carathir was not initially chartered as a military outpost. Though times have become increasingly perilous, the Commander still reports to the Magistrate on all issues, even those in regard to camp defenses. Turayon is a expert strategist and a skilled warrior with any weapon – or with his bare hands. The Commander rarely has time to entertain new recruits, and he has become incresingly occupied with administrative duties: managing the camp garrison, provisioning supplies, and leading ongoing campaigns against the nearest Warlord, bandit camps, or myriad other threats. He, with his fellow Weapon Masters, will teach you their skills in combat during your stay.

Captain Vingost – The good Captain is directly responsible for training you in the arts of combat. She is a calculating warrior and a master of all martial implements, second only to the Commander in hand-to-hand combat and archery. The Captain is charged with turning batches of fresh men and women into experienced archers, warriors, and rangers to defend the camp and explore the Wilds. The Captain is often away from camp for days or weeks at a time: leading her Ranger company on daring raids, clearing bandit camps, protecting REL research expeditions, and patrolling the countryside.

Other Residents

Rejinald Thistlefur – Master of carpentry and skilled at intricate carving, Rejie is a new resident to Camp. Having moved from the Capitol after incurring more than a good bit of debt, he was immediately tasked with improving camp comforts. This charge was given by Carathir himself, a rather curious request for a remote outpost. Rejie busies himself carving beautiful furniture, ornaments, practice swords, bows, arrow, and a variety of woodcrafts that help make the outpost more beautiful and homely. His woodshop is always open, and he is happy to teach his craft (or even his legendary knifeplay tricks) to you.

Thomas Dawne – Raised from hearty stock, Thomas is no stranger to war or confrontation, but is a simple man who enjoys small pleasures. He is our expert blacksmith by profession, skilled in the forging of tools, armor, weaponry, and the smelting of ore. He is also ready to pick up sword and helm if called to defense of the camp or to protect those he considers friends.

Miss “Rosie” Dawne – Rosie is the tavern-keeper and barmaid, as well as an expert tailor. She is the beloved daughter of Mr. Dawne. It is best to remain cordial and keep civil in her tavern. Rosie’s quick wit can turn faces red, and talking back to her is generally a bad idea once she puts her foot down. Both she and her good father the blacksmith are not a pair to trifle with.

Zachary Berryann – Our expert chef, who has actually cooked exquisite meals for the King’s own House, as well as members of the Archmages’ Council – before deciding to relocate to our remote camp, seeking a simpler life. He is renown for his seafood and mutton dishes. He has his eye on Miss Dawne, which many believe to be the main reason he sticks around the borderlands…

Farmer Gil Turrow – Gil, one of the original 62 founding settlers, departed the Eastern Kingdom to escape debtors, and has done pretty well for himself at Camp Carathir. He shares his meager income freely to those who help with daily farm chores, and despite his lack of formal education – is a Sage of farming and brewing, and has a deep knowledge of the natural world.


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