Houses, Clans and Guilds

Trust those who trust you… Form friendships that will last a lifetime. Help each other achieve on a personal level, and as a group.

Your Closest Allies

guild campfire teambuilding groupsThese small groups of 5 – 6 others will be your closest allies. Each house has its own rich history, and your successes here in camp will add to that story.
“The legacy of your visit here will be amended to a Houses’ history, and you alone will perhaps be remembered in song and in monument for years to come.” – Historian Fendral

Assignment Ceremony

When you Register, a questionnaire will be included, asking you about experiences, skills, sleeping habits, and general attitude/disposition. This will help align and pair you with a group of others, who share or compliment your interests and goals. Each house already has a rich history, so your talents and strengths will mirror and add to this history. Sleeping accommodations are varied, and group cabins or lodge rooms are optional, spacious and comfortable – with lots of room to spread out.
Arriving at camp you will be assigned into one of our respected houses during a special ceremony…think ‘Sorting Hat’ 😉

Involvement in House Life

You determine your level of involvement. The camp experience is a sandbox! Each house has its own emblem and colors and you will wear these during camp. You will also sit with your house during ceremonies and feasts. Aside from this, you may ally yourself with whoever you wish. Even group quests need not be exclusive or segregated by houses. Share your adventure with everyone!

Friends and Groups

We understand that many of you may come to our roleplaying camp with friends, are meeting people you know from online games, or are bringing family or spouses. While we would be happy to arrange you in the same house as your friends, we don’t recommend it. Here’s why:
– Other housemates could feel ignored due to your previous friendship.
– Previous friendships bring a certain type of baggage that makes it hard to assume a new character or persona while roleplaying… Friends have a tendency to fall into old ways.
– This allows you to compete with your friends for house Honor!

If you still want to buddy up with your friends or family after this persuasion  we will allow it…grudgingly.


We respect differing opinions and want you to have the best experience. Thus, we are happy help resolve issues you may have once at camp. If you can’t tolerate someones laugh, have arguments, or are otherwise treated negatively, our staff will work to resolve the issue. It is extremely rare for housemates to become anything but best friends!