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Clan of the Four The Golden Flower Keepers of the Flame REL Survivors of Destiny The Silver Wing The Guild of Attainment House of Fading Sun House of Twilight

GoldenFlower_copyThe Golden Flower

A social guild, its members usually common citizens of the Realm. This is a guild where literacy and knowledge are valued higher than proficiency at brutish weapons. Initiates asked to join the Golden Flower must pass many tests, devoting decades of their lives to learning about the natural world, various magics, and intense conditioning of the mind and body.
Aggression is frowned upon, yet at a last resort they possess the knowledge and strength to wield sword or bow with skill. Reasoning and justice are encouraged. Many of the Golden Flower are valiant knights, counselors, followers of the Archmage Council, mediators and teachers. The Golden Flower also has many aspects of a secret society, with their own greetings and a devised language known by few outside of the Guild. Membership to the Guild is lifelong, and is often hereditary. The Golden Flower has a noble reputation amid the East Realm and its members are highly respected.

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keeperflame_copyKeepers of the Flame

Though generally not considered a cult, the Keepers have often been criticized for their beliefs. They have taken upon themselves the responsibility to find and guard the blue flame of Yessana, which has allegedly burned for countless ages deep in the ruined Western Kingdom. The existence of the flame – a blue jet of fire, ever burning at the base of a truly ancient stone monument – is generally believed to exist. Even the Archmage Council, having discovered documents and lore concerning the flame has bent their attention westward in recent years. However, its location was lost centuries ago during the Great Invasion. It is told that being in the presence of the flame brings vigor and energy to the body, extends life, and its soft heat can cure wounds and infections.
While increasingly realistic in expectations, the Keepers of the Flame continue to stop at nothing to find the flame an`d return to selflessly guarding it as their distant ancestors had. They have pledged allegiance to the King, yet it’s openly believed that they hold allegiance only to the Flame and would confront any (even the King) should it be discovered.

To the benefit of Camp Carathir, the Keepers of the Flame turn their swords against bandits and other enemies these days, and the REL has offered to help search for the ancient monument – thus a strong bond has formed among the the few rather distrustful Keepers who still remain in the wide world.

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REL_copyREL – Royal Expeditionary League

A long standing institution, formed centuries ago with the purpose of discovery, research, and exploration. Members of the REL are commissioned to wander the far reaches of the wilds, surveying the land, interacting with indigenous people, and documenting history. It is often a hard and thankless job, with year-long excursions into inhospitable lands. Indeed, many expeditions never return. Despite this, countless trackers, scholars, and warriors volunteer for REL expeditions, furthering the knowledge and influence of the great East Kingdom.

Camp Carathir was established by decree to serve as an outpost and acts as a base of operations, not just for defense of the road and countryside, but as a refuge and waypoint for the REL on their journeys further west. REL parties frequently pass through, or return to the camp from long journeys in the wilds – their first bed, ale, and bath in months. A small contingent of the REL buearacracy is stationed in-camp to facilitate supplies and logistics, and to preform research on artifacts brought back from the wilds.

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Houseoftwilight_copyHouse of Twilight

Those of the Twilight are one of the most dangerous clans of warriors known in the world. The darkness of deep forests is their providence. It was Lyn, who with her fellow trackers united together and survived in the nightshade of the deep Illwoods during the last great Invasion.
When countless villages and entire kingdoms were swept away, they survived – through stealth and subtle camouflage. Entire companies of the Northmen would enter the Illwoods…but never return, struck down by silent arrow and poisoned spear.
When the Northmen were finally stemmed by the King’s combined armies the Illwoods were no longer besieged. Very few of the Twilight returned to rebuild their villages however. It is said that many of her folk simply stayed in those shadowy woods, following generations born within during long years of isolation. Many of her house – to this day – still wander by starlight and among the shadows of the great trees. They are silent and calculating, deadly in ambush, and wary of the world at large. A small group have since made Camp Carathir their home, taking lucrative employment with the REL as guides, or by selling furs, mushrooms and other resources they easily acquire from the depths of the forest.
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destinysurvivors1_copySurvivors of Destiny

Often just called “the Survivors”, their history is similar to that of the House of Twilight, yet considerably more sorrowful. When the Northmen came down in force during the last great invasion, now close to 300 years ago, the Survivors were caught at unawares amid their fields and villages. Many were killed, others imprisoned and enslaved. The few who got away lived a hunted and restless life.
They became nomads and their history was mostly lost. Many generations later, they still have no true homeland, for indeed few know more than their parents knew. Yet their toils have grown them to be hardy, clever, and wise to the troubles of the world.
They can read emotions, detect deceit, and endure hardships beyond the ability of others. A decade ago, the King reached out his influence to the remote wild areas in the west, discovering their scattered homesteads and offering protection, their own land and citizenship. They are only now getting a glimpse of what a peaceful existence could be like.

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silverwing_copyThe Silver Wing

The Silver Wing is a hereditary honor, entitled to descendants of the King’s elite guard, the Gold Wing. These direct descendants may enter the service of the Realm in their youth, and are given membership into the Silver Wing upon reciting a loyalty oath at a young age.
The Silver Wing are rigorously trained in combat, tactics, diplomacy, and some even in magical arts. Through valor in combat, tactical prowess, and wisdom, they may then be chosen to enter the Gold Wing itself, a high honor in the Realm.

In camp we have the pleasure of two ranked officers of the Gold Wing; Commander Turayon, and Captain Vingost. They directly oversee the advancement and guide the Silver Wing caste. Members of the Silver Wing strive to preserve order, protect their companions, and bring honor to themselves through service and knowledge. The ultimate honor for a member of the Silver Wing is to be accepted into the Gold Wing, like their father or mother before them.
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fadingsun_copyHouse of the Fading Sun

An ancient tribe of wandering peoples, which has many times fractured, diverged and spread… but always towards the West. Their feet wander in the direction of the sun’s path, slowly, generation after next. Ancient loremasters even make the claim that these people simple circumnavigate the world every few generations.
It is their belief that the Sun leads them ever westward for a noble purpose, not just a promise of rich and fertile lands, but for reasons that many consider strange and spiritual. It is unknown where they originated or who leads these wanderers, but it was Kaal the Old, who now only two generations deceased, arrived amid the wilds surrounding Camp Carathir with several hundred followers. It was he who established small communities in the area – but all of which were pillaged by the last Border Warlords, notably the renagade wizard Eriss and his followers, some decades ago.
A modest host of the Fading Sun still dwell in homesteads amid valleys north of camp, but since Kaal’s death most have continued their house’s noble journey westward. Their wills are strong and unyielding, and their passion for what the future may bring forever drives them onward.

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GuildofAttainment_copyGuild of Attainement

The GoA resembles a social club – with membership into the guild voted by existing members, with initiation both highly competitive and rather secretive. Membership is generally comprised of merchants, landowners, and prominent members of communities.

The guild meets regularly in their great halls, and few outsiders know what is discussed within these meetings. It is a secretive organization when examined from without, however the members insist their aspirations are strictly business. Chapters of the GoA exist all over, and the one at Camp Carathir is rather small due to the remote location and bustle of camp life.

Nevertheless, members of the GoA have a tendency to control a majority of what little wealth trickles into camp. They often hold leadership roles due to their connections and influence. Despite this power, they are loyal to the King and his officers, and very charitable to the less fortunate; preferring to work in back rooms, and keeping their hands – and reputations – as clean as possible.

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clan4copyClan of the Four

Prior to the Great Invasion, four small cities were situated near eachother in the far west of the Western Kingdom. Long generations of squabbling and warring among themselves – at times brutally – led to great resentment, and there was no single belligerent, as wicked deeds and utter mistrust pervaded all four.

During the Great Invasion of Northmen one of the Four was besieged beyond hope. Several weeks later another City was surrounded by the great Northern Enemy. It was not long before defenses wilted and the walls began to fall. Many were able to flee in the confusion, or escape by luck. One of these refugees, a Sage and Elder named Tammothes, reached the third City with a small envoy. In that hour, pride and resentment were humbled and words of friendship and resilience were made. As the Northmen swarmed down, and the battle raged amid the Third city, a large Army appeared, unlooked for.
The army was mighty – every warrior of the four, rank upon rank of archers and brave warriors. Thus, the Four together beat back the Northmen and delivered respite to the refugees. Following the hard-won battle, all swore oaths of friendship and protection, for the Northmen were countless and utterly brutal enemies and they finally saw in each other a resemblance and kinship.

The newly named Union of the Four thrived for several years, rallied and held their lands until eventually the greater Western Kingdom itself (and its King) fell to the Northern hordes. Another decade of fighting wore the Union down to a single heavily-fortified City, the snowy alpine ruins of the Second, which eventually in Spring of Sorrow was besieged beyond hope. Many perished in the siege, but several hundred families escaped in a renown outbreak, the surviving warriors protecting the flanks and hacking their way to a forest over a mile from the crumbled walls.

Many later died in the expanses of the Wilds; from disease, Northmen skirmishes, and from starvation, but families and clans slowly migrated Eastward. After many generations in the safety of the East, members of the Four have slowly multiplied. Their culture and history has diminished as they mingled in the Eastern Realm, but their ancient stories are not forgotten. Ancestors of the Four form close bonds with friends, carry the great weight of their lost culture, and are truly valiant fighters.

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