Quests and Activities

“Defeat a bandit scouting party and retrieve a map to their hidden cache. Deliver precious metals to the blacksmith so she can help you repair an amulet you found. Uncover treachery to regain your House’s crumbling honor.


Your Adventures start here

You decide how to spend your days. We provide a packed schedule of activities each morning, afternoon and night; everything from glassblowing classes to archery competitions, wilderness expeditions and grand feasts. You’ll also have free use of workshops, common areas, and trails if you wish to go at your own pace. Nothing is mandatory, though certain privileges (carrying weapons, using certain tools, etc.) require safety and proficiency training. Here are some ways you can spend a day:
– Over 30 professions  and classes, from mystical to practical.
– Weapon Trainings, Competitions and Feats: Archery, crossbow and axe-throwing, races, obstacle courses and many games of chance and skills.
– A robust free-market economy with vendors, auction houses and minted in-camp currency
– Live performances: duels, skits, music, poetry, lectures, debates and more
– Fishing, swimming and boating
– Expeditions: Hikes, nature walks, horseback, overnight backpacking, tracking and survival – all amid thousands of square miles of National Forest.
– 3 delicious meals each day with live entertainment, you can help cook too!
– Fully stocked Tavern, cozy reading rooms and lounges, open from dawn past midnight
– A working farm with chickens, goats, beehives; herb and vegetable gardening
– A variety of educational and spiritual activities, ranging from the historically accurate to fantastically magical.




Quests are an exciting facet of camp – adventures with often mysterious rewards. We’ve created quests of many sorts, interweaving them to expose arcing storylines and themes of the most epic sort. You will have time to attempt only some of the THOUSANDS of unique missions and objectives that comprise our sweeping questlines. Quests range from simple courier errands – to Grand ventures with a party of chosen friends, leading you deep into the woods in search for relics, mystery, and adventure.

cara-parchTypes of Quests

Errand – These may be below a typical Adventurer’s pay grade, but someone’s got to do it! This common type of quest requires you to act as a messenger, bringing news or a specific item to someone or someplace. These are usually the easiest to perform, and just involve finding the appropriate staff character, or arriving at a specific place at a certain time. These often lead or build up to more difficult quests.

Quest: Request for alchemy ingredients roleplaying

Collection Quests – These require more time, and are often not able to be completed quickly. If “the brewster requires empty jugs” is your quest, you may have to wait until the next day to find, buy, barter, or craft objects. Collection quests sometimes require numerous items, like a scavenger hunt, and perhaps lead to additional grander quests.

Headhunting Quests – These require you to defeat, capture, get information, or outwit some character, usually a staff member. These could involve combat, though often intellect and eloquent words are necessary to get what you need…or more.

Profession Quests – If you choose to specialize in a specific trade over several days, or want to try one for an hour, you will likely discover specific requests by the profession’s staff artisan. This can be a certain number of simple items: making 8 candles of 1-inch diameter. Or it can be more complex: create a multicolor glass vessel that can be corked.

Roleplaying Quest Runes decipher secretAdventures – These quests are considerably complex, and may involve elements of the above quests. Your knowledge of the true objective can be vague or incomplete – your clue being only a small piece of a larger matter. Perhaps your peers may have similar or contradicting instructions. Adventures often require teamwork, reading and research, waiting some time, or many smaller quests before you can fully unravel them. Some are solved like true mysteries, and your travails  may perhaps become interwoven with the Camp’s lore for generations to come. These undertakings undoubtedly have the greatest rewards!

mysterious map rpg puzzle

House/Group Quests- For certain quests you will assume specific roles and venture as a group. These multi-hour adventures lead your group out into the forest, where each person chooses roles (warrior, tracker, navigator, healer, translator/linguist, etc) and each event or encounter in the woods requires one or more of these particular skills, group decision-making, and often have teambuilding components. These adventures offer significant personal rewards, and bring great renown to a House.